At West Georgia Urology we utilize Doctors first ePrescribe.

What is ePrescribe?

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ePrescribe refers to the use of a secure computer network so that providers, pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers and health plans can share patient prescription information.

As a decision-support tool, ePrescribe lets providers access an individual patient’s medication history, see the particulars of the patient’s prescription insurance coverage, and review details about the medication of choice – all in order to make more informed choices about patient care. When BCBSNC uses the term ePrescribe, it encompasses the ability to perform all of the following:


Access a patient’s medication history

  • See the individual patient’s active and past prescriptions, detailing indication, dosage and frequency, including medications prescribed by other physicians
  • See patient allergy information and drug-reaction history

See details of the patient’s prescription insurance coverage

  • See the patient’s insurance plan formulary, including tiered medications
  • Know which medications will be covered and at what cost to the patient
  • See any preauthorization requirements and, in some applications, complete the process

Choose a medication appropriate for the individual patient

  • View warnings, alerts or cautions related to the specific medication and/or the patient’s medication history
  • View multiple medication options to avoid potential cross-drug or other harmful reactions
  • See indication, dosage and administration information

Generate a prescription for the patient

  • Send the prescription electronically, directly from the point of care
  • Communicate directly with the pharmacy’s ePrescribe computer application
  • Eliminate paper, phone and fax from the process

Automate refill authorizations

  • Receive refill authorizations directly from the pharmacy to your computer or handheld device
  • See refill requests at once via the refill queue in your ePrescribe application
  • Approve or deny refills in seconds with just a few mouse clicks

How do I refill a prescription?

To request a refill on a prescription from West Georgia Urology, please contact your local pharmacist.